Milking System Analyser. Pulsator tester. Tools for milking machine measurement and control.


All people related to milking industry must aspire to produce, process and sell the highest quality products. The milk quality begins in the farm and here is where we should pay special attention on the control of the most expensive milk herd illness, mamitis, which can produce losses per animal and year.

The main point on which mamitis control is based is illness prevention, that it is succeed by reducing the pathogens, to whom nipples are exposed during the milking, to the minimum number . This consists in several points, from which one is basic, the right working of the milking machine.

As specialists in measuring tools for milking installations, we work on different components of the milking machine; pump, regulator, vacuum meter, vacuum line, pulsators, milk line, clusters and cups. We cannot forget that the machine is a mean which promotes micro organisms through the nipple, besides being transmission vector from nipple to nipple and from animal to animal. Assuring the right use of the milking machine and its right working is a measure of controlling mamitis and as a result, of improving the production.
You need basically four tools for the performance of the right checking of the milking machine:
Pulsator tester, Airflowmeter, Vacuummeter, Rotameter.

Airflowmeter AFM 9900
Air flow meter of easy handy use. It measures up to 9900 lts/min. It goes with suitcase and vacuunmeter.
Pulsatortester PT-VI
PT-VI is the new milking Machine Analyser, it is multifunctional: combines a vacuum gauge, a pulsator tester and an airflowmeter in a single instrument.
Pulsatortester PT-V
Tool for control and measurement for the smooth running of the milking machine and thus avoid mastitis in cows and sheep.
Pulsatortester PT-IV
Measurement tool, easy to use for people who start in quality milk programs.
Pulsotest Vacuoscope / Minipulsotest
IThe high utility and reliabillity of the Pulsotest Vacuoscope is fully showed in the field, mainly in hands of Westfalia network.
Pulsotester Vacuscope Comfort
IIt is the evolution of the Pulsotest Vacuscope to test milking machines and control the mastitis.
Airflowmeter AFM V
It measures the air flow the milking machine pump can move and also the air flow in the different parts of the milking installation.
Airflowmeter AFM 3000
An airflow meter that works on the pump diagnosing possible leaks through the milking machine.
Airflowmeter Aeroscope
An airflow meter that works on the pump diagnosing possible leaks through the milking machine.
Digital vacuum meter DVM-01
Verify the vacuum points as main goal so that animals are milked on not desired vacuum that could become in mastitis.
Rotameter AGL 19
Tool used to detect air leaks in the collectors of the milking machine.
NOP needle
For measurements during milking time, indispensable for the technicians who perform quality programs milk farms.
Manual vacuum pump
Tool used for the measuring of the touch point of the milking teat cup.
DVG Digital Vacuum Gauge
Digital vacuum meter to be installed in every Milking machine. Allows the visualization of vacuum level for the dairy farmer with resolution and accuracy.
By-pass airflowmeter
It increases the capacity of the airflowmeter to measure the flow pump of bigger milking machines.
Airflow meter conection tubes
There are different internal diameters 46, 38 and 31'5 to connect the airflowmeter whatever it’s to the milking machine.
Kit airflowmeter AFM-3000
External transducer


- Printer DPU-414

- MODEL: EPSON - Serie M160 –M180

PT-V Protection case
Practical case to carry the Pulsator tester and the other accessories needed in the milk quality programs.
Metacrilate cover
Necessary for the measurement of the touch point of the teat cup.

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